Creating backups is a feature that is offered by the vast majority of hosting service providers on the market. This is an extremely handy function since it's a guarantee that you'll not lose important info if something happens with your Internet sites and there are plenty of possible reasons for that - an individual getting access to your account, deleting content unintentionally, performing an unsuccessful update of a script-driven application, etcetera. So long as you've got a backup, the harm in any one of these cases is easy to fix, but you shall need to take action fast as most firms keep only one backup a day and every new one deletes the previous one, therefore a delay of 2 days means losing everything. Our progressive backup system was designed with the idea to avoid such scenarios and it shall allow you to select what content to restore and from which date given that you will have a large number of backups to choose from.

Browsable Daily Backups in Dedicated Hosting

You shall be able to make best use of our groundbreaking backup system with each and every semi-dedicated hosting services which we offer and by default we'll keep a minimum of 4 copies of your content each day. All backups are stored for a minimum of one week, so you can restore any data whenever you need it and from whatever date you need it. What separates our platform from what other companies offer is the ability to surf all backups as standard folders in the File Manager section of your account. All the information which you shall discover there is read-only to avoid any chance of deleting it accidentally and restoring a particular file, folder or Internet site is as simple as copying it from the backup directory to the location within your account in which you want it. This function will save you time and will enable you to restore any content even if you have no experience and that is the first hosting account you are using.