RAM, or Random Access Memory, is a sort of computer data storage, which enables the data to be read randomly without accessing the preceding bytes before that. That makes the RAM a lot quicker than other kinds of storage devices like DVDs or HDDs in which all of the information needs to be read in order to access particular information. When you have a shared hosting account, the amount of memory your web apps can use cannot be fixed and may often depend upon the free memory that's available on the physical hosting server. Using a standalone web server, however, there's always a minimum amount of physical memory that shall be for your use at all times and will never be allotted to other clients even when it is not used. This is valid with our virtual and dedicated web servers.

Guaranteed RAM in Dedicated Servers Hosting

When you need an effective web hosting solution for your Internet sites and programs and you purchase one of the Linux dedicated servers hosting which we provide you with, you shall have a substantial amount of physical memory available all the time. You will be able to look at the hardware configuration whenever you want through the billing Control Panel, including the amount of RAM. We test the memory sticks comprehensively along with all of the other parts before we use them to build any server, so if you buy one of our packages, you shall get a high-quality server that'll guarantee fantastic overall performance for your Internet sites. Even in case you do not use the total capacity of the web server for an extended amount of time, the physical memory will still be available for your hosting server exclusively.